What Nature Can Teach Us About Power // Larissa Conte on Facilitator Forum Podcast

aliveness articles by larissa ceremony leadership nature podcast power rites of passage sensing wayfinding May 19, 2022

I had the incredible pleasure of being interviewed by Julia Winston on her podcast, Facilitator Forum, about my awareness as a facilitator and how I engage to facilitate people's power and leadership via sensing, rites of passage, wayfinding,  and learning from nature. This was my most fun podcast interview to date!

Here's the episode description:


"Episode #011 - Rites of passage guide Larissa Conte understands that humans are not separate from nature and brings this perspective into her work to bridge diverse worlds as an integrative systems coach, helping business leaders enhance their “power literacy” along the way. In this heart-centered conversation, we explore the art of transformation (aka living and dying), the difference between self-care and selfishness, the power of paying attention to subtle things, and the potential each of us has to be a healer."

Julia is a longtime friend and colleague in the field of culture at work, and she is doing something outstanding with this podcast.

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