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What is Wayfinding?


Wayfinding is the process of listening to your inner truth
and your outer environment to best navigate each moment.

In coaching, we help you develop your Wayfinding skills to create the life and leadership path that brings you most alive.

Beginning with our unique assessments of power flows in your life, your shadow patterns, and beliefs, we orient very thoroughly to guide us as we dive in deeply helping you identify and heal tap roots of stagnation in your life systems — at an, often, remarkable pace compared to most coaches, therapists, and healers.

In the process, you learn to navigate from your inner wisdom and facilitate flow, aliveness, clarity, confidence, and greater power to serve the whole.



Wayfinding coaching activates your power and creative sovereignty in connection with the life web.

Our aim is to help you embody a profound understanding of yourself and the wayfinding skills to make our work together unnecessary.




We help you access the unseen to become your greater self.

"The layers are continuing to shed as I feel lighter and lighter each day. I’ve had several moments where I think to myself. 'I don’t think I could have survived that without the support I received from you.' Thank you. I know there is still processing underway but I wanted to express my deepest gratitude for the way you showed up for me through this."


Most assessment tools feel unhelpful and simplify one’s personal experience, but I really enjoyed your assessments and the way in which all the questions had a deep wisdom to them.

They helped me see myself more clearly, so we could launch to the heart of the matter.”


I’m just marveling at the massive shift that happened so quickly. It’s completely remarkable to think about how quickly the evolution happened and what got unlocked in just our first few sessions.

Thanks for being such a powerhouse and teaching me so much in sensing and clarifying my path as a leader!”



We work with clients who value high performance, transformation, and being deeply human


You are driven to serve
at a time when organizations and societies are evolving, asking leaders to have greater people intelligence, systems understanding, and self-awareness.
You are a stand for the dignity and greatness of all types of people, championing our collective potential with courage.
You are curious, highly motivated, and lead with your heart — seeking to balance the interplay of your intellect and intuition ever more.
You are seeking a guide with wisdom to enable you to access your deeper gifts and power to serve the whole.

While some of our work ranges into areas covered by therapy, we do not work with individuals experiencing depression, psychological illness, or active addiction to drugs or alcohol. We respect the skill and training required to support individuals facing such circumstances and recommend working with a trained therapist or rehab specialist in these cases.



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