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How to See Your Real Power Ebook

Dispel the false myths of power. This guideĀ helpĀ multidimensional, high-performing, heart-centered leaders like you reveal your unconscious blocks to create beneficial impact and see the possibilities of your power in a whole new light.


Toolkit for Turbulent 

Humanity is in the midst of a significant, collective threshold. In this mini-course, you'll learn core wayfinding skills to orient yourself during times of turbulence, deepen your sensing, and ground your energy to access clarity and power so you can evolve through any storm.











Sensing Your Real Power

The Intuitively Aligned Podcast w/ Sydney Blum

JulĀ 2023

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Tending Our Fires as Leaders 
& Changemakers

Seema Jethalal of Extra Cardamom & Larissa Conte of Wayfinding

May 2023

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Power Hygiene: Understanding Our Leverage & Responsibility at Work

Culture First Global Chapter

April 2023

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Communication for Sensing Within 
All Living Systems

Compelling Communicators Podcast by Lumina Australia

Mar 2023

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Our Power at Work

Brave New Work Podcast by The Ready

Dec 2022

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How Expanding Your Consciousness 
Can Help You Access Your Power

Jordana Ma of Siripiari & Larissa Conte of Wayfinding

Sep 2022

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What Nature Can Teach Us About Power

Facilitator Forum Podcast with Julia Winston

May 2022

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Organizational Evolution & Vulnerable Leadership

Be More, a Workday Podcast

Oct 2021

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The False Codes of Leadership to Deconstruct in Turbulent Times

Culture First, Working Through It Podcast

May 2020

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Organization Change and Rites of Passage 

Responsive Conference

Sep 2018

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ritual and transformation

Robin P. Zander

SepĀ 2018

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Sensing Power and Cultivating Organizational Aliveness

Culture First Conference

Jul 2018

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Grief Rituals & Corporate Healing

Grey Estrada

Jul 2018

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