The Expertise of Experience

aliveness article leadership power purpose transformation vulnerability wayfinding Jan 31, 2021

Some of the expertise that my clients value the most comes from my personal life and my healing journey from a near-fatal accident that happened 10 years ago on Jan 10, 2011.


This journey is inseparable from my work in the world, informing my work every day. 

In honor of my ten-year anniversary, here is a map I made — primarily of the physical layers of my healing journey.

Leaders consistently value the insights I learned through this extended terrain because I learned how to bring a system (my body) back from near-death to bright aliveness, and I know how translate my insights to business and life.

Because leaders and organizations are desperately longing to be more fully alive, and to prosper by being human.
To pass through challenging crucibles and transform rather than perish as a team/org or to just survive.
To navigate the mystery, united and sure-footed.
To face our shadows and learn from them.
To understand power and embodiment.
To learn how inner work drives the excellence of outer work.
To learn the mechanics of wholeness and belonging at work.
To create rhythms of meaning and connection.
To learn the power of sensing, aliveness, and wayfinding to make exceptional decisions.

In business, people often look to business experience and business trainings as sources of legitimacy and expertise. But we must learn from beyond the "norm" to understand all that status quo business does not yet excel at in order for business to evolve.

Our true power lies in our humanity.

I'm so grateful to be alive and continuing the journey with you.



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