Sensing Power and Cultivating Organizational Aliveness // Culture First 2018

aliveness leadership power talks vulnerability May 16, 2019

Sensing, power literacy, and doing inner work together are crucial skills for stewarding systems change, yet they are rarely discussed due to the double binds we can experience around power dynamics and job security.

Here's a mini clip from my talk—Sensing Power and Cultivating Organizational Aliveness—at last June's Culture First conference hosted by my friends at Culture Amp

In the full talk I explore:
- Our sensing capacity as a critical tool for revealing tension and guiding self-correcting actions in living systems—our selves, teams, and orgs—and how we can practice developing sensing. 
- Why we hold back what we sense (even though it's necessary for systems health) due to our relationship to power at work. This can be especially true for those in people leader or people operations roles who are tasked with tracking and supporting the wellbeing of the whole organization
- How we can do the inner work together through rites of passage to release fears and what no longer serves in order to evolve ever more into our org essence
- There's a business incentive to all of this, but what actually gets threatened is our egos. So this work requires great courage, and now is the time.

Watch the full talk here ðŸ™‚

Ps. update since the time of this video: I’m no longer with part-time with The Ready—full time Wayfinding full-on😉




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