Guided Meditation to Connect to your Clarity

Jan 16, 2022

There are certainly times when logistical constraints (time, money, etc) prevent us from investing in opportunities to grow, no matter how keen we are.


But there are also times when we tend to focus on money fears or their already overfull schedule as a way to not address an underlying (often subconscious) fear — that they’re scared about stepping into their own power.


The part of us that is small and protective grips and digs in when we’re considering a bid for power (*expanding our own capacity to open to greater energy) and it tells a lot of narratives to maintain the status quo.


Since Wayfinding is all about activating our sensing and navigating from our deep inner knowing, I invite you to try an experiment to use your sensing to come to the decision.

You can use this audio to guide you and see what comes up.

Our inner knowing will never shout at us.

It is wise and patient and quiet. So we must get very still and listen with true openness to receive its guidance.

Whatever presents, I trust the timing when it feels truly right for you.





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