Choosing Inner Power

Apr 19, 2024


If there were one type of power
that I could choose to wave a magic wand 
and instantly grant
— as Power that Serves the Whole
while also erasing its Shadow Power forces —
to all human beings for the betterment, not just of the world of work,
but for humanity and all life on Earth, 

I would probably choose Inner Power.

I’ve never liked “Would you rather” games so it’s fascinating that I’m choosing this frame 😂.

But I’m 99.9% sure that I would choose Inner Power over any of the 36 types of power on the Wayfinding Power Landscape.

In this hypothetical situation, this would be my strategic choice to contribute to healing at all scales.

Because almost every single high-leverage, life-changing thing I coach people on connects to Inner Power.

To increasing their capacity to distinguish between Power that Serves the Whole (PSW) & Shadow Power (SP) in themselves and others — and their ability to lovingly stay at their center while navigating the unfolding tides of power and life.


Inner Power is about having a sovereign, beneficial relationship to power itself.

This wouldn’t instantly solve the accumulated pile of harmful consequences of our personal, collective, and historic actions that we’re all sitting in up to our eyeballs.

But it would give us steady inner foundations to transform the situation without waterfalling forward harmful patterns.

There is a reason that people who embody advanced levels of PSW in many other types of power (eg Wealth Power, Mastery Power, Mental Power, Nature Power, Magnetic Power, etc) but who don’t yet reliably embody Inner Power feel like they are missing a foundation in the house of their being and in the roots of their leadership.


If you haven’t taken the Power Assessment for Leaders yet, 
here are the full definitions of Inner Power in its PSW and SP forms.


Inner Power | Power that Serves the Whole

I feel centered, grounded, expansive, and radiant in my inner power. I easily balance flow and stillness. I love myself, I believe in myself, and I feel sovereign and upright in my own dignity. I am beautiful, worthy, and have valuable gifts to offer, inhabiting both confidence and humility. I feel deeply developed in my power literacy, my embodiment and recognition of Power that Serves the Whole, and my recognition and ability to transmute Shadow Power. Advancing power literacy and inner power for myself and others is core to how I lead and how I honor all of Life.


Inner Power | Shadow Power

— I indulge in negative self-talk and doubt my inner wisdom.

— I don’t love or believe in myself.

— I get easily knocked out of my center and lose connection to my power.

— I avoid looking at or taking responsibility for my own power patterns, particularly my Shadow Powers.

— I feel ungrounded, constantly seeking outside of myself for insights or power

— I’m frenetic and have trouble being still or being with myself.

— I feel superior and above others, so I often set myself apart. I don't see the need for humility.


When we as leaders can inhabit our Inner Power reliably as PSW, it creates a stabilizing effect regardless of external conditions for ourselves and all whom we touch in the systems we steward.


Imagine if you had the capacity to be in your Inner Power as PSW & not as SP. It’s life-changing.

Imagine if everyone on your team had this capacity. Actual. Joyful. Teamwork.

Imagine if all people had this capacity. True leverage.

This is why I prioritize helping people cultivate Inner Power as a key starting point on their journey of regenerative power embodiment.



Simple Actions & Reflections

  1. To find your own relationship to Inner Power, read these definitions and let your sensing tell you how frequently you embody the states (rather than intellectualizing or judging). For PSW — sense into the whole bundle. For SP — sense into each of the bullets individually.
  2. Ready to see all of your power patterns? Step into the Power Assessment for Leaders today to discover how you embody power as PSW & SP for each of the 36 types of power.
    If you join now, you can also attend a FREE group coaching Q&A with me on April 24 or 25 to ask questions about your assessment. (*If you’re already enrolled in PAL 🙌🏼 but you haven’t signed up for a group session and want to — reply here and I’ll send you the link ;)
  3. Want to claim a new relationship with power? Enter the Power Initiation for Leaders once you’ve completed the Power Assessment to start transforming your power patterns into even more regenerative power as a leader.




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