We all strive to be better versions of ourselves,
but we can’t always see how to get there


Wayfinding is the process of listening to your inner truth and your outer context to best navigate each moment. Using your daily experiences to direct our engagement, our work together will:

Deepen your listening and your clarity

Reveal unconscious beliefs and blind spots

Help you inhabit greater authenticity

 Navigate both daily tides and big sea changes

Over the course of our work, you will learn to translate your enhanced awareness and pattern recognition into practical business applications and life choices, creating a sense of integrity and fire across all areas of your life.


I work with clients who value high performance, transformation, and being deeply human

You are driven to serve at a time when organizations and societies are evolving, asking leaders to have greater people intelligence, systems understanding, and self-awareness. You are a stand for the dignity and greatness of all types of people, championing our collective potential with courage. You are curious, highly motivated, and learning to balance your intellect and intuition.

I can support you in areas that include:

Prof Perf.png
  • Elevating your leadership capacity
  • Understanding your unique leadership gifts and values
  • Balancing the Yin & Yang of leadership
  • Integrating strategy and culture
  • Leading through turbulent times
Inner Align.png
  • Strengthening your inner listening
  • Activating your erotic energy
  • Leading and living from your truth
  • Understanding how to live your purpose 
  • Making and marking significant transitions
Shadow Work.png
  • Ego and power literacy
  • Awareness of blind spots and triggers
  • Releasing old wounds and embracing forgiveness
  • Navigating cultural shadows in work and life
Personal Vit.png
  • Establishing core routines for whole person health
  • Cultivating fundamentals of resilience
  • Creating space for renewal, reflection, and integration
  • Structuring your time to reflect your values
Rel Strength.png
  • Loving exquisitely
  • Setting boundaries
  • Making clear agreements
  • Energetic aikido and having difficult conversations
  • Coaching others

While some of my work ranges into areas covered by therapy, I do not work with individuals experiencing depression, psychological illness, or active addiction to drugs or alcohol. I respect the skill and training required to support individuals facing such circumstances and recommend working with a trained therapist or rehab specialist in these cases.