Cultivate Power that serves

Who do you need to become to share your greatest gifts?


Cultivate Power that serves

Who do you need to become to share your greatest gifts?

Wayfinding is a development methodology for leaders
who care about growth, meaning, and impact



Access wisdom from diverse
disciplines to orient, navigate,
and advance your journey 



Engage at rhythms designed to
help you continually integrate
new insights and behaviors



Dive into the root causes of your
personal and relational patterns
to create lasting change

Wayfinding is the ability to navigate from deep listening into greater alignment in each moment.
As you practice navigating from your listening, you will elevate your leadership capacity and
learn to inhabit your truth and power more elegantly in complex relationships and situations.




Each Wayfinding format helps you grow into
your greater self and broaden your impact in the world



Immersive events

Dive into focused territory to spur clarity and
action through experiences like a rite of passage,
a group workshop, or a multi-day retreat


group learning journeys

Explore key questions, share insights, and
cultivate new practices with a set of peers
to spur growth over a series of conversations



Regular 1:1 support

Co-create a process tailored to meet you
where you are and fulfill your personal goals,
ranging from the strategic to the soulful


Hi, I'm Larissa

Hi, I'm Larissa

I help leaders develop mastery in Wayfinding
by aligning their truth, their health, and their power

Wayfinding is an ongoing practice of listening and transformation. I create the training ground for Wayfinders by blending 10+ years of experience in leadership coaching, culture design, ecosystems science, holistic healing, and rites of passage into unique leadership development experiences. All of my work is designed to help you foster integrity through inner listening, embody your authentic leadership style, and navigate from your center, so you can enjoy your life more and serve as a skilled steward of creative energy and flow.

As your companion and guide in Wayfinding, I draw on transformative events from my own life that taught me how to find my way. These include being an entrepreneur, designing an independent Master’s degree at Stanford, translating indigenous cultural technologies into business ecosystems, navigating life after my dad’s death when I was 22, and embarking on a six-year healing journey after a near-fatal accident.

As an executive coach and culture designer, my clients have spanned the Fortune 100 and startups. Prior to Wayfinding, I served as Chief Culture and Design Officer of Invisible, a tech startup, and as a Senior Associate at Lippincott, a global creative consultancy. My personal clients have hailed from organizations that include:


I collaborate with some of the best people I know to play and grow together

Aaron Dignan
The Ready

Org Transformation

David Beaudry
Noble Movement

Leadership Qigong

Laura Griffiths

Women's Leadership
Circles & Intimacy

Yvonne Thackray
the good coach

Writing & Thought Partnership

Gabriel Wilson
Developmental Design

Diversity, Team Development & Facilitative Leadership

Tommy Leep

Men's Circles


Client Impressions

Client Impressions

In order to metabolize my new corporate role,
I knew I needed someone with the emotional intelligence, presence, and integrity that I could trust with my life.
Larissa is that person.


Larissa is a rare combination of life coach, business advisor, therapist, and energy healer. Her skill set surpasses that of any personal coach I've ever met with. In one session with her, I had one of the greatest personal breakthroughs
of my life.

         — MH

Your process helped us clearly define our point of view and lay a framework for high-quality decision-making across all levels of our business.

— SO

Larissa asks the tough questions that help me see things from different perspectives, and she follows up to ensure my goals have been achieved. She is patient and insightful, with remarkable instincts.

— LC

I'm being promoted to Vice President! Thank You! You've been a big part of this journey with me. You helped the little broken bird inside of me emerge and take flight!

— SB

The 2:1 coaching session we did was more impactful in 1 hour than my
4-day yoga retreat.

— LR

You are so naturally talented at helping others connect to their deeper self. Whenever I’m around you, I want to take in every bit of knowledge, love, wisdom, energy, generosity, and empathy you emanate. Your guidance unlocked something profound in me and I will
look back on that day as a turning
point in my life.

— KK


I entered the door hoping for strategic organizational support and our work together is transforming me into a clearer, more effective leader and human. Much gratitude, Larissa!

— DN

Larissa is a rare jedi living among us.

— TL

Larissa really gets the nature, mechanics, and power of values, and she helped us go deeper to build the kind of world-changing company we’re committed to creating.

— DH

Thank you for being such an integral part of our new company, our vision, messaging, branding, and the best cheerleader we could ever have!

— RB

I so appreciate the dragons you've faced, and the wisdom
that shines through the space you hold.