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Accepting applications for Spring 2020

Alchemical Leadership is a 3.5-month ceremony and
curriculum in power dynamics, energy cultivation,
and systems healing for leaders

Spring & Fall 2020
Online & In-Person in Morongo Valley, CA


The stakes are high and real.

At the same time, turbulence can be an amazing catalyst for creative emergence.

We need alchemical leaders who can transform themselves to transform our systems.


Why Alchemy?

Alchemy is a process of subtle inner change that produces material outer change based on understanding of life’s principles. It is transmutation of base material into beneficial material, and whoa, do we have a lot of base material saturating our systems.

We don’t need heroes. We need alchemical leaders with the ability to midwife the greatest possibilities from blockage and toxicity and enable cascades of relational creativity.

To do this, we must evolve our own power, take responsibility for our creative authority, and recognize that we can only address disconnection and adversary consciousness in the world by understanding and addressing it in ourselves.

What results is truly golden.


Why You?

You long to be more enlivened, effective, and expressed, and you’re working to unblock and revive stagnant systems. You know personal joy and power are bound up with collective joy and power.

People, like you, with big hearts and bright minds in positions of power are crucial leverage points for evolving our systems. You’re positioned to clean up the calcified ego architecture and relational atrophy that’s blocking flow, preventing your organizations and life from being creative and adaptive.

By learning to tap more deeply into your inner power with embodied understanding of transformation principles, you’ll experience more aliveness, joy, and true expression, while also being a more effective systems healer in all arenas.

This cohort doesn’t cater to one role in organizations — it invites an array of roles, levels and industries, because there’s so much we can each learn from our diverse experiences with power, energy, and transformation.


our Exploration

We will explore alchemical principles, patterns, and procedures across 5 scales, and the interconnected nature of transformation in these realms.

WF 5 Pillars short crop.png

Core Inquiries:

How can we live and move from a regenerative inner center in an increasingly turbulent, adversarial context?

What does it mean to deepen our creative sovereignty and take responsibility our gifts and creations?

What’s the shadow programming we each carry that prevents us from being in service of freedom and flourishing?

What do each of us need to shed and claim in order to more fully inhabit our power and service?

How can intimacy with others and the larger living fabric be a key for systems healing?

How can we activate our organizations to be incubating forums for wider culture repair?

How can ceremony and ritual be a fuel for our lives, communities, and work in the world?


The Design

The arc and every touchpoint in Alchemical Leadership is designed to create a transformative experience for your whole self that integrates with your life and schedule as a high-performing professional. It is a ceremony—an experience designed and held across physical and energetic levels with the intent to precipitate transformation.

We’ll be continually weaving across the 5 scales the whole time, but each phase will have it’s own emphasis

  • In the Preparation phase, we’ll focus on principles, patterns, and procedures via self to understand transformation in an embodied way at the simplest scale.

  • During the Community Immersion & Wilderness Quest, ceremony, self, relationship, and the larger living community will be in the foreground.

  • In the Incorporation phase, we’ll prioritize relationships and organizations.

AL Prep2.png

Weeks 0-7 || Online

Weekly || 90-min group Zoom call, 5-6:30pm PDT
20-30 min of self-study video content

00 Onboarding Prep (*self-guided)
1 Opening the Ceremony & Orienting
02 Sensing, Context, & Alchemy
03 Intro to Power and Energy Dynamics
04 Power, the Adversary, & Antidotes
05 Power, Love, Intimacy, & Eros
06 Ceremony Design & Quest Prep
07 (Prep Week— 30min individual prep call)


Week 8 || In-Person

Day 1 Arrive & Orient
Day 2-3 Quest Preparation
Day 4-6 Solo Wilderness Fast in San Gorgonio Wilderness
Day 7-8 Harvest, Integration, & Celebration
Day 9 Depart

AL Inc Long.png

Weeks 9-15 || Online

Weekly || 90-min group Zoom call, 5-6:30pm PDT
20-30 min of self-study video content

09 Reconstellation
10 Leading from Essence
11 Org Health & Diagnosis: The Leadership Team
12 Communication & Relational Health
13 Org Health & Diagnosis: The Whole
14 Closing the Ceremony
15 Vision Support & Affirmation (*2-hour call 3 months after closing)


* content sequencing in Phases 1 & 3 subject to change

Please note that we’ll be learning about transformation through the lens of our own lives. As such, participation in Alchemical Leadership (1) will ask each of us to study, track, and take responsibility for our egos, and (2) may illuminate areas of blockage or misalignment in your life and precipitate big outer changes.

IMG_0820 2.jpg

What’s Included

The full experience of Alchemical Leadership is a 120+ hour immersive, multi-format learning journey, including:

  • Relationships, peer-learning, and community ceremony in an intimate, diverse circle of up to 14 integrated, inspired, energetically-activated leaders

  • 12 90-minute group Zoom calls oriented to practice and group discussion (*not info delivery)

  • 6+ hours of informational video content distributed over 12 weeks for self study via a beautiful online learning portal (*frameworks/tools/energy practices that apply across the 5 scales of focus)

  • Private online forum for cohort engagement outside of calls and Community Immersion

  • Two personal support calls with the facilitation team (*one before and one after the Immersion/Quest)

  • An 8-day residential, offline Community Immersion and Wilderness Quest at a private desert ranch all to ourselves

    • Beautiful, private accommodations with site amenities including swimming pool, community kitchen, group dining area, outdoor forum, adjacent to hiking trails

    • Delicious, catered meals tailored to support your preparation for and return from your Quest
      (*organic, vegan, gluten free, refined sugar free)

    • 48-hour solo Wilderness Quest

    • Physical practices to cultivate your energy and health like qigong, strength training, breath work

    • Nature connection practices to expand your senses and ability to connect with the rest of life

    • Solo ceremony prep and integration, as well as community rituals before and after your Quest

  • Contribution of 1 learning experience/information from your expertise to enrich the group journey

  • 1 2-hour group Zoom call for vision affirmation and community support to start the New Year


Community Immersion Site & Accommodations


We’ll convene and unplug for 8 days for our Community Immersion and Wilderness Quest at a private 150-acre desert ranch. The property is located at the edge of Morongo Valley, CA in a secluded canyon next to San Gorgonio Wilderness. It’s a 40-minute drive from Palm Springs International Airport and 25 minutes from Joshua Tree National Park.

The desert is a place of extremes and subtlety. This land, its waters, the mountains, and the local beings will be powerful teachers for all of us. This setting is ideally suited for this phase since it beautifully weaves the wild and sensual, built environments.

Alchemy is relational and experiential, so this time together will activate all we opened up in the Preparation phase. We will weave community and drop further into practicing energy cultivation, group sensing, and courting the wild aliveness and clarity of our beings through physical practice, nature connection, and ceremony.

You will have three types of accommodations to choose from for sleeping, while we are based out of the ranch:

  • A private cabin with your own full bathroom and kitchen or kitchenette

  • A shared cabin with a private bedroom, common area, full bathroom, and kitchen or kitchenette

  • A private vintage trailer or glamping tent with indoor/outdoor tub or shower, bathroom and kitchenette

The site will remain ours while we backpack out for your solo Quest.


The Wilderness Quest

The practice of the wilderness quest is an ancient tradition held in many ways by many cultures.

At it’s heart, this ceremony is about entering into deep listening and humble intimacy with life, to shed the parts of yourself that no longer serve, affirming your essence, and being receptive to what life wants to gift you for the next phase of your journey. It is one of the most powerful technologies I know for renewing relationship with self and life.

That’s why the Quest is the heart of the entire Alchemical Leadership journey — the entire design is in support of creating a rich Quest experience and integration for you. You will learn to walk the dream of a Wilderness Quest, and encounter teachers and loved ones in the larger living fabric of the desert community.

Your Quest is a solo 48-hour fast, sleeping under the stars as a way to remember wildness and belonging in the life community. We fast because it is a powerful practice to empty the body and sacrifice something we can take for granted — eating — in order to open up to a deeper level of listening. It encourages slowness, presence, attunement, discernment, and intimacy with life. (*you will carry 2 gallons of water with you)

We’ll review leave no trace wilderness ethics and core wilderness skills in the days prior to the Quest, as well as spending time in the nearby hills to help you orient and settle into the rhythms of the desert. Due to the nature of the Quest, cohort participation requires necessary levels of health, physical fitness, and strength for backpacking.


Nourishment, Food, & Fasting at the Immersion

Screen Shot 2019-05-19 at 11.17.41 AM.png

Being well nourished with clean, vibrant food and grounding practices is key to doing the deep energetic work that we’ll engage during the Immersion & Quest.

With that in mind, Chef Charlie Ohnsted will be taking care of us with with delicious, hearty meals that will be organic, vegan, gluten-free, and refined-sugar free to support your body as you taper off of food into your wilderness fast, and as you return to eating and establishing solid baseline gut health and nutrition. This meal plan is designed to support your full body detox, balancing, and nourishment, but it will not be a sacrifice in delicious yum. Charlie is a highly experienced chef having cooked at many venues including the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Beach for 6 years and years of weddings and wellness retreats, now with her own catering company and serving as the event chef at the 29 Palms Inn in Twentynine Palms, CA.

As Charlie described, “I’ll be your momma bear taking care of you while you all do this good, deep work.”



Guide & Facilitator: Larissa Conte


Larissa designed Alchemical Leadership as a synthesis of her experiences, insights, and work in transformation and systems dynamics since 2002. Weaving esoteric wisdom from global lineages with leading-edge business and life skills, Larissa has been wayfinding her alchemical leadership path and has seen profound results in her work with hundreds of leaders. Larissa brings 10+ years of experience in each of the following domains to Alchemical Leadership: curriculum design, facilitation, organization and culture consulting, power dynamics, leadership coaching, alchemy, ceremony, health and wellness, entrepreneurship, and wilderness guiding. Larissa is a certified Wilderness First Responder and prioritizes safety, first and foremost, on her trips. Read more about her experience and Wayfinding here.



Accepting applications now.
Preference given to Wayfinding community members.

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