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Organizations mirror the habits and beliefs of their leaders.

Since culture follows power, we need to transform internally as leaders and teams to serve our org’s evolving needs.

When org change initiatives are disconnected from inner evolution, our limiting beliefs as leaders remain as blocks in the org body and culture.


In our drive to get things done, we often race through transitions.

But transitions are where the greatest reflection, learning, and growth occur.

When we skip pause and intentional change, we’re more inefficient, because we miss key insights and unconsciously perpetuate patterns that no longer serve.


Rites of passage mark transitions and catalyze lasting change.

They create the container for deep transformation.

Something must die or be released for ourselves, our teams, and our orgs to experience greater power that serves the whole.

In this space, we see what we need to let go of, what to hold onto, and what to initiate.


Embody full responsibility for what you create.

Executive Power Transformation benefits your team, your org, and you by freeing old frictions and listening to what wants to emerge. Leaders’ shadows and challenges are often institutionalized in the organizational body. When you initiate shifts and accountability in these areas, it not only renews your personal passion, it also enables the collective to explore how creative energy most wants to flow, organize, and express.


This journey is designed to meet your unique needs, while following a clear arc:


- Understand the current state
- Develop shared literacy
- Clarify intentions for change

- Overcome fears
- Release the irrelevant
- Clarify new partnership vision

- Evolve your leadership behavior
- Practice new ways of working
- Cascade relational clearing


- Understand the current state
- Develop shared literacy
- Clarify intentions for change


- Overcome fears
- Release the irrelevant
- Clarify new partnership vision


- Evolve your leadership behavior
- Practice new ways of working
- Cascade relational clearing

Enter a journey of deep inner work to elevate your outer work

Wayfinding Power Landscape

  • Greater power literacy and self-responsibility as a structural power holder

  • More authentic, vulnerable leadership

  • Deeper self-acceptance, and compassion for others

  • Greater awareness of your ego forms, shadow, and triggers

  • More trusting, effective, creative collaboration

  • Greater ease distributing decision-making power

  • More skill stewarding continuous participatory change and collective creativity


9-month Executive Power Transformation from Partners to Studio


Four Partners leading a product design firm realized they needed a total transformation in how they worked together after 10 years in partnership.

They engaged Wayfinding to host a multi-level power transformation for them starting with their Partner team. Through our conversations they recognized they needed to begin renewing their relationships and taking self-accountability for how they were showing up as leaders before reconsidering (1) their business strategy, (2) their brand, or (3) their studio culture — all of which were challenged and needing change. 


Our work together included power and ego literacy training, courageous conversations across many scales, clearings with their reporting Directors, establishing new partnership commitments, and honest communications with their whole studio. All of this work freed up stuck energy to engage their business transformation with new eyes and creativity.

Thank you, Larissa. I really appreciate the depth and gentleness that you brought in guiding us. And that you felt as deeply as we did. A couple months ago, the ‘rites of passage’ felt a bit strange and weird to me, but yesterday truly felt like one — and now it all makes sense. 

—Founder, CEO, Parter

I really do finally feel like it’s possible the company has turned the corner. I do really believe the work the Partners are doing with the varied tracks — you, the brand/positioning, and the business side, are all on track to effect real, tangible change.


It feels like we’re in the Temple of Doom and you’re Indiana Jones. Any wrong step and a spike could come flying out of the wall or a boulder could roll down the hall and crush us. But you’re here to keep us safe and help us take all the right steps to find our way through together. It’s amazing. 


Inner transformation requires facing our dragons —
which is daunting without proper preparation


Larissa designed this executive team experience to address the need for power transformation for the future of work.

After seeing inside over 100 organizational cultures as a consultant in culture change, agile transformation, and executive coaching, Larissa realized that changing our outer ways of working isn’t ultimately impactful if we don’t address our disconnection programming, impulses to control, and ego blindspots as structural power holders.

Executive Power Transformation unite a unique synthesis of her multi-disciplinary work in organizational transformation, systems healing, leadership coaching, and ceremony design since 2002.

Today she helps heart-centered leaders evolve through rites of passage experiences that illuminate the interdependence of inner work and outer work.

This time of great change is calling us to
transform ourselves and our systems.

Who do you need to become as leaders together?



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