I help leaders develop mastery in Wayfinding
by sensing, unblocking, and cultivating aliveness

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I specialize in facilitating transformation and alignment across scales as a ceremony designer, rites of passage guide, and integrative systems coach. I use my deep experience in the energetics and mechanics of transformation to help clients develop refined sensing and listening, shed what no longer serves, and dynamically steward greater creative energy in their lives and companies. My work weaves 10+ years of experience bridging diverse worlds — leadership coaching, organizational culture consulting, strategy design, group facilitation, ecosystems science and permaculture, holistic healing/wellness, ceremony and inner alchemy, somatic intimacy coaching, and wilderness survival. 

As your companion and guide in Wayfinding, I draw on transformative events from my own life that taught me how to find my way. These include being an entrepreneur, designing relevant ceremonies for urban and professional life, committing to mastering the art of loving exquisitely, embarking on a seven-year healing journey after a near-fatal accident, translating indigenous cultural technologies for connection into business ecosystems, navigating life after my dad’s death when I was 22, and designing an independent Master’s degree at Stanford.

My clients and work experience span industries across the Fortune 100, startups, and non-profits. Prior to Wayfinding, I served as Chief Culture and Design Officer of Invisible, a tech startup, and as a Senior Associate at Lippincott, a global creative consultancy. My clients hail from organizations that include:


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