Women's Leadership Circles

Current Cohorts: Feb-May 2017

Are you ready to rise to the next level as a leader?

Now, more than ever, it's key that we help each other step into our full power. 
These circles are for ambitious women who want to invest in themselves and their unique gifts.
Together, we benefit from illuminating and magnifying each others' strengths.


Join Larissa Conte and Laura Griffiths for a group journey into your innermost truth and wisdom in the world of leadership. Our journey will feature content, community, coaching and ceremony. Together, we will explore some of the biggest questions and most powerful tools from our years of coaching women leaders.

These programs are highly engaging courses designed to deepen your understanding and effectiveness as a leader. We will convene around seven perspectives on leadership—each from a different angle that together create a rich exploration of how each of us as women can show up in the sweet spot of our power. 


Which circle is right for you?

Authentic Leadership

  • Build confidence by unlocking your unique leadership style
  • Create a self care practice that enlivens your work and life
  • Expand your toolkit for greater self-awareness and connected communication


  • Self Care for Greater Performance — 02/08
    Define your self care practice and discover the critical role it plays in your authentic leadership
  • Standing for Your Worth — 02/22                      
    Locate your sense of worth and explore the important distinctions between internal and external validation
  • Personal Power and Internal Conflict — 03/08
    Explore the nature of your authentic will, determination and personal power vs. that of your ego and false belief systems
  • Leading from Love — 03/22                                
    Encounter the power of the heart and the impact you can make when leading from love in business
  • Your Authentic Voice — 04/05
    Investigate your communication challenges and how to invoke your voice and truth with strength
  • Activating your Vision — 04/19                          
    Cultivate the conditions for inner clarity and visioning 
  • Being a Purposeful Leader — 05/03                
    Synthesize the gifts of this journey to embrace your unique leadership style

Intuitive Leadership

  • Tap into your full power with intuitive awareness
  • Fine tune your self care practice and inner listening to meet your evolving needs
  • Deepen your literacy in the nuances of boundaries and relationships


  • Cultivating Intuition Through Self Care — 02/06  
    Understand how your self care practice benefits the greater purpose of your life 
  • Understanding Your Creative Energy — 02/20   Explore the power of your creative energy and the impact it has on how you lead
  • Boundaries and the Loving No — 03/06      
    Distinguish what’s needed for you to clearly communicate your boundaries in a way that fosters trust and connection
  • Dynamics of Love and Fear — 03/20                
    Discover what your heart stands for and how to bring its power into all aspects of your business and life
  • Your Intuitive Voice — 04/03                          
    Experience what it feels like to be fully expressed
  • Intuitive Leadership and Strategy — 04/17          
    Learn how to bridge your intuition and intellect in your decision-making and legitimize your intuitive choices
  • Being a Healing Leader — 05/01
    Integrate your insights to define your deeper leadership gifts and the types of healing you create for others



A group of 8 participants max will convene every other week for a 2-hour video conference. Each call will include:

  • Distilled content and relevant storytelling from the facilitators
  • Intentional group discussion around a guiding inquiry
  • Guided body-based exercises to integrate learnings somatically
  • Assignments to focus your awareness and skill building

In between calls, the group will stay connected via a private Facebook group and you’ll be in contact with your leadership partner to share your insights and curiosities that arise.

The Authentic Leadership Circle will meet biweekly on Wednesdays 5-7pm PDT / 8-10pm EST starting February 8th.
The Intuitive Leadership Circle will meet biweekly on Mondays 5-7pm PDT / 8-10pm EST starting February 6th. 

Participation includes

  • Seven 2-hour group video calls
  • Laser coaching during the sessions that will focus on 1 or 2 women in each call
  • Recordings of all group calls that you can listen to afterwards
  • A summary PDF after each call with key points, common pitfalls, and lovework, as well as a somatic meditation recording
  • Access to a private Facebook group for the circle
  • 1:1 check-ins with other circle members in between calls
  • Tailored inquiries and exercises to stimulate and integrate your learning
  • A 1-hour 2:1 video coaching session with Laura and Larissa before the 4th circle session


One-time enrollment by Feb 3 or before circle fills — $1500 USD
Payment plan beginning the month you enroll— Four monthly payments of $440 USD

Enroll with a friend and both of you will get 10% off!



As someone with a very full schedule, why is this worth adding to my plate?

Being a part of this circle will not just be "one more thing" in your life. It will give you support, perspective, and a place to grow through the fullness of all that you do. It will also help you reorient to your truth, see yourself in a new light, and re-examine the commitments that help you thrive. 


How can you feel connected through a virtual platform?

We love creating communities that span global borders. Since deep connection can grow from the level of truth and honesty we share, our circles are designed to invite each person's vulnerability and voice. Gathering in-person offers a different type of connection and we'll be doing this later in 2017. Until then, join us here from where you are. 

What if I can't attend every session?

While it's ideal that you're able to attend every session, we know that sometimes that's not possible. That's why we record each session, so you can view it afterwards, or review it if you were present and want a refresher. That said, we do aim to have all members present for the first session. 

Do I have to use Facebook to be part of the circle?

While our closed Facebook groups is the primary way we stay in touch and share stories, resources and announcements between calls, it is not mandatory, but strongly recommended. Know that it is used as an important tool for cohesion in the group and we encourage participating in the Facebook group as much as on calls. 


Meet Your Facilitators

Larissa and Laura first began their collaboration and friendship while working together as coaches and culture designers at a tech startup in January 2016. Since then, they have continued to create experiences that explore their shared passions for business, creativity, coaching, health, and wisdom. They are committed to guiding women into their fullest expression as leaders, evolving what it means to be women in business today, and having a fun, light time in doing so. They've loved co-hosting these women's circles and look forward to meeting you in this next round!



Laura is a catalyst for healing, human transformation and development. She comes from a rich background in psychotherapeutic methods, leadership coaching, integrative bodywork and holistic health. Working with ten thousand clients over 15 years, she weaves a unique combination of practices to design the ultimate healing experience for her clients.

Her adventurous spirit has led her to international ventures as a
wellness specialist in startups, as a coach to coaches, as a ceremony leader, a holistic brand consultant and is now focusing on her own practice. Guiding professionals and executives to unlock their full potential as world class leaders and bring back purpose to their life and work. She lives in Montreal, Canada, and around the world.


Learn more about Larissa and Wayfinding here